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Hello! Chel and Dieter, that's us in the photo (with our poodle George) and we believe that life should be celebrated with great food, exquisite wines and beautiful memories. Napa tourists turned Napa locals, we are driven by our passion for travel and our love for all things food, wine and the great outdoors.


Our experiences are inspired by our travels around the world designed to give you an authentic, unique and unforgettable experience. An opportunity to explore the area, engage with local culture and discover the hidden gems that make this place so special.


Known for our Napa Wine Safari, this is the Napa Valley not to be missed! Get ready to go where others won't and on to discover a different side of Napa, a side you'll never forget.


Are you ready?? ​


Let's Go!

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Local Tour Guides
Laces and Limos Founders
Chel and Dieter, co-founders
Michelle Helms, co-founder
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