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Wow! Laces and Limos is a perfect way to see Napa Valley. Tucked in a comfortable and stylish ride, the tour begins in Downtown and works its way to a gorgeous countryside drive.

Laces and Limos Customer, Trip Advisor


Eco-chic meets stylish and fun! Think modern-day version of the rickshaw that also happens to be 100% electric. Now available for chauffeured transport, filming, photo shoots, special events, private parties and more!

Say Tuk-Tuk!

Looking to enhance your brand, create a WOW! factor or just need a convenient mode of transportation. Whether you're planning an event or attending, we've got the to/from part covered with our new Shuttle Service. 

Get Tuk'd Away

We're popping up in some of our favorite CA destinations. We've got some unique experiences coming that are not to be missed!

Details TBD!

Coming Soon!

What a hit! Everyone loved the electric cars... I jumped in, enjoyed the heated seats and got to my destination on time! LOVED the drivers. You rocked it.

Co- Founder, Napa Valley Film Festival

Napa Valley Film Festival

Shuttle Service


Bottle Rock Music Festival

Shuttle Service

Easy, reliable and adorable! What a fun way to get through the crowds plus they're electric! We used this service to/ from the concert for lunch and spotted them again after the concert for another ride!

Caldwell Vineyard

Lifestyle Photoshoot

Beautiful shoot! Goal was to capture the daily life and art at the Caldwell Vineryard, incorporating the

eco-friendly Tuk-tuk was perfect [tying it all together].


Partners Michelle Helms and Dieter Pietsch, once Napa Valley tourists themselves knew exactly where they wanted to launch their Electric Tuk Tuks-- Napa Valley, of course!

These tri-wheeled vehicles can't be taken on highways above 40 mph, so they won't make the traditional trip up Napa's Highway 29, but that limitation enables Laces and Limos to offer a different kind of Wine Country experience. “With so many options throughout the valley it can be overwhelming so we wanted to create something that saves time while creating a memorable, magical and authentic good time!"

We bet you haven't seen Wine Country like this before!!!


Chel & Dieter