Yes, it's true, once Napa Valley tourists, my partner Dieter and I were living in SoCal looking to getaway for the weekend. Once we decided to head finally head up to Napa Valley,

I remember thinking - "Uh oh, where do I even begin?!" I was completely overwhelmed with the 400+ wineries, all the hotels to choose from and trying to fit it all in! 


To be honest, the first visit was just ok but absolutely left us both wanting more. We continued to visit, falling in love with the beauty, nature and discovering more of the hidden gems each time.


I was hooked, so here we are with a tour business that takes you straight to the "good stuff", wasting no time trying to figure it our yourself. Get read to go where other travelers won't and to a part of Napa Valley you simply can't miss! ​


Are you ready to have the best day ever? I hope so!

See you in Napa!!



What a hit! Everyone loved the electric cars... I jumped in, enjoyed the heated seats and got to my destination on time! LOVED the drivers. You rocked it.

Co- Founder, Napa Valley Film Festival

Napa Valley Film Festival

Shuttle Service

bottle rock music festival shuttle in napa valley

Bottle Rock Music Festival

Shuttle Service

Easy, reliable and adorable! What a fun way to get through the crowds plus they're electric! We used this service to/ from the concert for lunch and spotted them again after the concert for another ride!

napa valley sunset

Caldwell Vineyard

Lifestyle Photoshoot

Beautiful shoot! Goal was to capture the daily life and art at the Caldwell Vineryard, incorporating the

eco-friendly Tuk-tuk was perfect [tying it all together].