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Yes, it's true, we were once Napa Valley tourists ourselves. Living in SoCal at the time, it was always on my radar to visit the world-famous Napa Valley.


To my surprise, this was NOT an easy trip to plan.

Since that first visit we stayed curious and would head back up to Napa Valley. Slowly starting to experience the kind of magic you can only dream of. This feeling of peace, serenity and an abundance of magic. This was special. This needed to be shared.


There's a lot that happened in-between of course but here we are with what started as simply a transportation company  turned tour business taking you straight to the "good stuff"! 


Known for our Napa Wine Safari, this is the Napa Valley adventure you never knew you needed. Get ready to go where others won't and on to discover a part of Napa Valley you simply cannot miss! ​


Let's Safari!!

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Laces and Limos founder, Michelle Helms
Laces and Limos Napa Wine Safari
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