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Extend your Visit to the Area

You and some friends are going to Napa Valley for the day to take a tour of beautiful vineyards and wineries with Laces and Limos. Laces and Limos guarantees to give you a terrific experience in one of the world's most well-known wine regions!

And as long as you’re in the area, why not extend your trip by staying in the area for a few days and visiting some gorgeous sites in nearby Sonoma County? Here are few places that will make your trip to Northern California even more exciting!

Salt Point State Park: Situated on the Pacific coast, its 6,000-acre grounds includes steep sea cliffs, a pygmy forest, surf crashing against rugged rocks, stunning sunsets and more than 20 miles of hiking trails. 

Laguna de Santa Rosa: This 254-square-mile wetlands complex is a strikingly beautiful mosaic of creeks, open water, perennial marshes, seasonal wetlands, oak woodlands and grasslands. Hike or bike the 1.8-mile multi-use trail, or try the 2-mile Preserve trail, which is open to hikers and wheelchairs but not bikes.

Geothermal hot springs: Relish in three of the most legendary hot springs: Boyes, Morton's and Agua Caliente. The thermal pools and hot tub at Agua Caliente's Sonoma Aquatic Club are open to visitors for one-day visits. The geo-thermal waters of Morton's Warm Springs are accessible in three pools in a beautiful, 20-acre country setting.

Goat Rock Beach: There’s magic and mystery to this to immense flat-topped sea stack that's barely attached to the sandy beach by a narrow isthmus. The beach offers endless opportunities for exploration and contemplation along its 1-mile length. Search for washed-up treasures and gaze at views of other sea stacks, white-capped waves, sand dunes and a variety of seabirds.

Laces and Limos is dedicated to providing the highest-quality tours of Napa Valley. The excursions start in downtown Napa and are conducted in electric-powered, modern-day rickshaws. Get in touch with Laces and Limos at to book a reservation!



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