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Get to Know Wine!

When California’s Napa Valley is mentioned, most people think of its wine and wineries. Napa is one of the world's most well-known wine regions.

If your trip to northern California includes a visit to Napa Valley, don’t miss a tour with Laces and Limos. Our tours start in downtown Napa and are conducted in electric-powered tuk-tuks, which are like modern-day rickshaws. Your guide and tuk-tuk will take you to vineyards and fantastic wineries (some are delightfully out of the way!), while you enjoy stunning views at every turn.

If you, or you and your traveling companions, are newbies to the world of wine, these factoids will help you enjoy and appreciate your visit.

Wine is one of the oldest beverages known to man, and it’s is enjoyed around the world. It’s an alcoholic beverage made from grapes or other fruits. Without sugars, acids or any other additives, the grapes ferment as yeast converts the grapes to ethanol and carbon dioxide.

Many factors determine wines’ wide variety of flavors, but the main factor is the types of grapes. The many kinds and strains of yeast also reap different flavors of wine. Other factors include climate, soil type, surrounding plants, and the types of casks or barrels in which the wine was fermented.

How much sugar that has remained in a wine after the fermentation process determines if it’s dry or sweet. The less sugar, the drier the flavor.

A lot of factors go into whether the wine is fuller or lighter-bodied -- from the year it was harvested and bottled to its country of origin and its viscosity. A high-alcohol wine tastes fuller than a wine that’s light on alcohol. High-acid wines leave a tingly sensation on your tongue. They’re usually a little more “spritz” tasting and less full or round bodied.

We at Laces and Limos are dedicated to providing the highest-quality tours of Napa Valley. Our excursions are friendly and relaxed. Get in touch with us at to book a reservation, ask questions or tell us the experience you’d love to have.



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